Saying goodbye to the woman who changed my life…

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Virginia Scott was a force.  My first interaction with her was as an undergraduate student in her theater history class and frankly, she scared the crap out of most of her students.  But not me.   To me, she was brilliant and wry- a wellspring of fascinating ideas that set my imagination on fire.  She loved the subject of history and she taught the analysis of drama- dramaturgy- through a historical lens.  And man, did she not suffer fools.  During the second course I took with her that focused on her greatest passion, Moliere, she asked to see me during her office hours.  I was sure I was in trouble.  As someone who had always underachieved academically, this was my default response.  But instead, she said the thing that would change my life, “Amy, I think you may be a dramaturg.”  For the next few years, Virginia shepherded my learning, but for every year after that, she shaped my life.   I am, in fact, a dramaturg- and I might have never known that were it not for the formidable, indomitable Virginia Scott.  And I am only one of so, so many.  A good professor enriches young minds.  A great professor enriches their lives.  While I have thanked her many times over the years, I wanted one more opportunity to do so.  The world has lost a tremendous woman, mother, teacher and friend.   I love you and thank you, Virginia.

  1. Sorry to read of your loss– While Virginia Scott may have passed on, she lives on in you!
    Celebrate her life and honor her by continuing to live on!!

  2. This is a beautiful tribute to a great friend and mentor. She was very proud of you and I am sure you enriched her life as well.

  3. Think of the legacy she has left with you. In you, her teaching has life: In you, her spirit is remembered; In you, her passion lives!

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