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Things are about to get nutty- like five day a week workout nutty with very little frivolity in between.   It’s an interesting notion, getting into shape for surgery.  I suppose I’ve never really thought about it because usually when people are having surgery it’s either emergent, or the people I have known have been in good enough shape not to have to concern themselves with weight loss and muscle toning.  Yeah, fuck those guys.   I, instead, begin a regiment with physical therapists, hydro-trainers and pilates instructors who will now join my lovely yoga instructor in an effort to make chicken salad out of chicken shit.  I managed an 8 lbs. weight loss this month, 2 less than necessary to stay on track, but looking at my new workout schedule, it’s unlikely I’ll have time to eat so next month will hopefully show me better results.

So Friday I met with a physical therapist who after hearing what’s on the horizon, came up with a battle plan that involves, as she calls it, endurance.  Beginning Monday I will do pilates two times a week and hydro-training one time per week.  Yoga will remain on Tuesdays and at least one hike will have to be implemented for cardio balance.  In the midst of this training I will have weekly check ins with my physical therapist to make sure that I am on track with my weight loss and strength training to get me ready for my July surgery.   And the cost to me- well I am basically getting the deal of the century because these activities have been deemed medically necessary by my neurologist, my GP and my surgeon dream team.

What is REALLY inconvenient about all of this though, is that it is time consuming, and the rest of my life is not being very accommodating  in regards to stopping to make room.  I still need to help plan a season at the theater, I still need to do some research into academic options for my son who seems to need a change from his current situation, I still need to be on my A game in terms of love, affection, devotion, attention, discipline and compromise.  I still need to manage the larger illness that keeps peeking around the corner because it loves nothing more than a big dose of stress.  But I suppose this is true for all people who face sudden illness, surgery or anything that interferes with life as we know it.  Missie has had to take off five days after every dose of chemo- that’s certainly not her choice.  There are adjustments to be made and favored situations to be sacrificed.  Missie has wisely started planning vacations to look forward to after her chemo and radiation are complete, and that seems like a perfect way to plan for the future.  But I’m not there yet- I am in that uncomfortable place where possibilities seem limited and nothing but the most basic needs of my life can be met, and that is a state I detest.  I have always said that life without something to look forward to can hardly be a life worth living.   But management of one’s health does end up trumping all other matters so that with the exception of my child, my work, and my strategic plan leading up to July, I am more inclined to barrel through than I am to look forward.

My next appointment with the surgeons is at the beginning of April, and hopefully they will be pleased with whatever progress has been made.  Until then I’ll try to post in a greater state of positivity, or rather I’ll try to exist in one- and if not then I’ll just bitch and moan and fling myself around as my mom would say.  Wish me luck on this endeavor- I feel like I’ve set out to climb a huge mountain and it will only lead me to base camp for the real climb.  But here I go- up, up, up…


  1. >ahem< I believe I own the © on "fuck those guys"…

    • I’ll send you a quarter of my proceeds from this blog as payment. Oh…

      • The only “proceeds” that interest me are the ones you generate for yourself as you proceed in taking care of yourself- Make those investments and that’s all the “payment” I need. Be good.

  2. “Chicken salad out of chicken shit”. I love that.
    Of course I am wishing you luck!
    I am getting pretty good at praying for an agnostic.
    Oh, Amy–you are going to be so buff. Can I squeeze your biceps in July? I promise to be tender.
    Uh. Maybe you have to make room on your plate for the chicken salad? How?! You have made yourself indispensable to the Geffen, so I imagine that time off from work isn’t feasible. Keep truckin’. And I think massage should be part of your workouts.
    Love, Rachie

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